Content Management:

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM):

Web Content Management is a platform that lets marketers easily create relevant and targeted content that attract customers. The solution provides a productive, easy-to-use authoring environment with support for in-place editing; drag-and-drop page composition from a rich library of web components; and intuitive controls for SEO, scheduled delivery, and landing page optimization. Integrated with Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics, AEM Web Content Management helps digital marketers deliver engaging, relevant customer experiences.

Learn more about the Adobe Experience Manager from Adobe's website, or watch this video on YouTube.

Adobe LiveCycle:

The latest version of Adobe LiveCycle - LiveCycle ES4 software offers many options for extending business processes to the mobile workforce and enabling users to interact from mobile devices; helping to increase employee productivity and user satisfaction while reducing costs and process delays.

Learn more about Adobe LiveCycle from the Adobe website, or watch this video on YouTube.

Microsoft SharePoint

Do you have control and visibility of your SharePoint projects, and do you need a SharePoint architect to ensure your plan is to your specifications and accounts for all your requirement? With our SharePoint Strategy, you’ll roll out an enterprise solution and you’ll have the process to ensure your employees accept and embrace changes in their current environment.

Strategy - Deployment & Upgrade Planning
SharePoint—a technology that if used correctly can propel your organization to greatness, but if left underdeveloped can simply become another misused or forgotten piece of the information management infrastructure, full of unrealized potential. TechWind’s whole purpose is to bring the best in SharePoint expertise to your organization, ensuring that your goals become a reality.

Strategy - Enterprise Architecture
Architecting a SharePoint solution is no easy task. It involves considering an array of often conflicting business and technical requirements. Ensuring that all aspects are accounted for, meeting business goals and adhering to incumbent processes are what make the build a success. At TechWind, our SharePoint Architects ensure that your plan is exactly to your specifications and accounts for all of your requirements.

Strategy - User Adoption Planning
t’s a common theme—an organization spends time, energy and money rolling out a strategic enterprise solution, only to realize that no one wants to use it. In fact, studies show that SharePoint customers identify user adoption as one of the top three challenges facing successful roll-outs.

At TechWind, we realize that user adoption is a significant challenge for our clients. That is why we have developed a comprehensive User Adoption & Change Management approach to ensure that our clients can implement a customized organizational process.

Implementation time. This is where all your careful planning, scheduling and training really get tested.

Sometimes you need a little extra advice or a few extra hands. Other times you just don’t want to do it at all. That’s where TechWind can help. Rapid Deployments, Custom Development or that big migration you keep postponing.

Implementation - Rapid Solution Deployments
Sometimes, companies simply need a business solution—quickly. We are all familiar with the “we need it yesterday” scenario. The unfortunate bi-product of this “speed-to-need” approach is that it often results in poorer business processes, more work, greater complexity and increased cost—seldom the desired result.

At TechWind, we understand the speed of business. It’s what we do every day. That’s why we have developed Rapid Solution Deployment.

Implementation - Custom SharePoint Development
SharePoint—a technology that if used correctly can propel your organization to greatness, but if left underdeveloped can simply become another misused or forgotten piece of the information management infrastructure, full of unrealized potential.

TechWind’s whole purpose is to bring the best in SharePoint expertise to your organization, ensuring that your goals become a reality.

Implementation - SharePoint Migration
Migrating from a legacy information management platform can be a lengthy, costly and potentially frustrating project. For companies, migration to newer and more functional platforms means everything from increased productivity to increased profit margins. For IT staff, the word “migration” brings about visions of late nights, long lists and constant headaches.

At TechWind, we realize that migrating to a SharePoint platform can ultimately touch all facets of an organization, as well as impact a multitude of processes and goals. Thus, success demands great planning and execution.

Managed Services & Support:
It’s generally understood that SharePoint needs strong governance and great support. We can help. From governance policy and regulatory compliance to just the occasional helping hand; we can do it all, or just be there for you when you need us.

- On Demand SharePoint Support
When it comes to SharePoint, all types of organizations share a common challenge—the lack of specifically trained, certified, expert staff for complex projects. At TechWind, SharePoint is all we do. Thus, we have the all-encompassing expertise and staffing resources that you require to ensure that your SharePoint platform responds rapidly to your business goals and objectives.

-Managed Operations & Governance
It’s difficult to conduct your business without error in an environment that demands flawless corporate governance. At TechWind, we have the experience to help solve your internal and external business challenges.

We know all too well that without a strong internal compliance and governance structure, business processes can fall short. That’s why TechWind’s highly-skilled staff works with you to create steering committees and to implement best practices, while ensuring that stakeholders from all departments involved are included in the planning and education.


At TechWind we provide full spectrum of Drupal expertise whether it is Drupal Core Development or Custom Module Development, whether it is Theming or Performance Optimization, whether it is Automated Testing or 3rd Party Integration, whether it is Drupal-driven Tablet application or Facebook application development. Among the variety of tools for website content management (CMS) available on the market, Drupal is an open-source platform that we master and recommend to our clients. Here are the reasons why we recommend Drupal to our clients:

It is the most-used content management tool by most major web sites with complex functionality including Amazon and Whitehouse.

  • Drupal provides a platform for developing websites that are easy to create and maintain.
  • Drupal provides a robust and modular platform which can keep your website for several years and add new features as needed without compromising stability.
  • The platform supports multilingualism for common languages.

Are We Cost Effective?

One of our main business focus is to keep our solution prices within a fairly low range so that we don't just keep our current clients satisfied but also attract new clients from small and mid-sized businesses. We also provide support services so that our clients get a complete peace of mind.

Are We Credible?

With a number of satisfied customers and links in industry we find ourselves in an ideal place to help you boost your business. Our designers have worked with different level of goverment branches as well as private sector. We are a registered corporation under the fedral law and the law of the province of Ontario

Why We Are Different?

TechWind Inc has a group of experienced support personnel, this implies that we don't just provide solutions but we make them fulfilling the client's need on a long term basis by offering free level three support, that's why we call our solutions: The Prevailing Solutions.