About Us

TechWind Inc. has consistently delivered Information Management and Information Technology Services in the areas of Management Consulting, System Development, and Application Support.

Within these three domains, TechWind has developed core competencies in the areas of Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Intelligence (BI), and System Security.

Today we see the convergence of ECM, BI, and Security as three complementary disciplines that work in harmony in order to achieve higher levels of information management capacity and capability in organizations.

In addition to our capability to offer strategic direction in these core competencies, TechWind offers high quality services in the underlying technology areas that support these disciplines. We work with top developers of Oracle and Microsoft databases, as well as popular front end application tools such as Java, Microsoft .NET, Interwoven and SharePoint.

Our wide range of experience acquired over many years of working a diverse client base has given us the capability to handle complex customer requirements during all phases of the system development lifecycle.

Are We Cost Effective?

One of our main business focus is to keep our solution prices within a fairly low range so that we don't just keep our current clients satisfied but also attract new clients from small and mid-sized businesses. We also provide support services so that our clients get a complete peace of mind.

Are We Credible?

With a number of satisfied customers and links in industry we find ourselves in an ideal place to help you boost your business. Our designers have worked with different level of goverment branches as well as private sector. We are a registered corporation under the fedral law and the law of the province of Ontario

Why We Are Different?

TechWind Inc has a group of experienced support personnel, this implies that we don't just provide solutions but we make them fulfilling the client's need on a long term basis by offering free level three support, that's why we call our solutions: The Prevailing Solutions.