Application Development:

At TechWind we provide solutions in Java/J2EE, .Net and related technologies right from requirement analysis to high level conceptual design to architectural design and then development.

TechWind provides its customers with solutions that fit their businesses needs using the power and flexibility of the modular approach offered by the platforms. Our solutions are truly portable and scalable. We have expertise in building enterprise level solutions for government and private sector clients ranging from Web based solutions including Intranet Applications & eCommerce Portals to Standalone or Client-Server based solutions to migration of legacy systems to Java/J2EE or .Net platforms.

Java/J2EE and .Net platforms are currently are most popular technologies in developing IT solutions for the industry and used in variety of platforms including embedded devices, smart phones, enterprise applications and super computers. These platforms are also widely used for building web services and web based applications.

Are We Cost Effective?

One of our main business focus is to keep our solution prices within a fairly low range so that we don't just keep our current clients satisfied but also attract new clients from small and mid-sized businesses. We also provide support services so that our clients get a complete peace of mind.

Are We Credible?

With a number of satisfied customers and links in industry we find ourselves in an ideal place to help you boost your business. Our designers have worked with different level of goverment branches as well as private sector. We are a registered corporation under the fedral law and the law of the province of Ontario

Why We Are Different?

TechWind Inc has a group of experienced support personnel, this implies that we don't just provide solutions but we make them fulfilling the client's need on a long term basis by offering free level three support, that's why we call our solutions: The Prevailing Solutions.